Engineering & Design Office


Our design office is working on project designs:

- Survey, sizing and engineering for EPC projects 

- Audits and energy analysis

- Project design in civil engineering 

- Cold engineering 

- Instrumentation

Electricity & Photovoltaics


Electricity production :

• Thermal, solar, wind and hybrid power plants with FSC (Fuel Save Control) system including GC wiring, fire protection system, supervision and Scada.

• Auxiliary and backup generators, from small power generator (0.5 KVa) to large power generator (up to 11000 KVa), diesel and fuel oil.

Electricity transmission and distribution:

Electrical networks (medium and low voltage transmission lines, MT / MT and MT / LT transformer stations up to 90 kV, TGBT distribution installations and switchboards)

Residential and tertiary:

High current, low current, low voltage master distribution board and distribution box, switchgear (electrical socket, switch, contactor), wiring.


MT / LT transformer station 90/33 kV and 33/15 kV and MV / LV 33-15 / 0.4 kV, automation and control command, supervision and Scada.



Systems and water pumping

Systems and water pumping stations (thermal and solar) drinking water, agriculture and drainage, booster station, rainwater treatment plant including civil engineering, connexions, special faucet parts and anti-ram protection. robinetterie et protection anti bélier.

Automatic chlorine injection water treatment

Automatic chlorine injection water treatment system with automatic injection flow control.

Reverse osmosis desalination

 Reverse osmosis desalination plant under regular orcontainerised shelters 

Hoses and water pipes PVC

Hoses and water pipes PVC, HDPE, galvanisedsteel, ductile iron pipe up to a diameterof 1400 and service pressure of 25 Bar for drinking water supply system application, agriculture and wastewater. 

Water tower in concrete

Water tower in concrete and metal on the ground and raised up to 2500 m3 capacity and 25 meters height. 

Control panels

Control panels with variable speed drives or soft starters, instruments and sensors. 

RVN and Technical Civil Engineering


The RVN and Technical Civil Engineering are composed:

Electricity distribution network (MT and LT)

- Hydraulic (water supply system, wastewater, Drainage, Irrigation ….)

-  Conventional and solar street lighting (standard and decorative)

- Remote management system

- Technical floor

- Thermal and acoustic insulation

- Special slab

- Tanks

- Fountains, etc.



Cold storage

Positive and negative cold storage rooms (conventional and solar) up to 2,500 m3.

Ice factory

 Clear water and salt water (conventional and solar) up to dozens of tons per day.



• Instrumentation and Remote Management Systems (SCADA) for energy, hydraulic and industrial applications.

•  • Metrology (weighbridges and weighing systems) 

• • Level indicator (drilling)

• Various indicators: pressure, temperature, humidity, etc.

Special Works


- Electrical resistivity of floors

- Counting of soil conductivity

- Topography

- Special rooms ...